Policies and Tuition

Policy and Tuition Information

Lets make lessons a positive experience in every way possible. Clear policies and expectations help me keep my focus on my students, and help my students choose the studio that best fits their needs.

Tuition reserves a student’s place in the studio and gives access to the teacher’s knowledge and experience in delivering effective music instruction over a period of time. I am committed to teaching each student personalized instruction so that they can become well rounded and highly skilled musicians who are part of a musical community. I schedule 34 sessions September through May and divide tuition evenly across all months regardless of the number of sessions per month. Sessions include a mix of private lessons, group events, and performance opportunities. Each year the allocation and structure of these events is a little different. Please see the studio calendar for a schedule of events and lessons. 


  1. Missed lessons will not be refunded. Your tuition reserves your membership in the studio. I have found that missing a few lessons over the course of the school year does not impact the overall experience or growth of a student. Regular absences and lack of effective practice routines certainly can. Make up lessons are not guaranteed.

If you need to miss a lesson:

A. Schedule a Skype, Facetime, or Zoom lesson during your regularly scheduled time. (Good option for mild illness, travel, or transportation issues.)

B. A pre-scheduled lesson swap with another student some time during the same week. I will help facilitate if you plan ahead and I have enough notice. (good option for sports events, performances, etc.)

C. A video lesson. Record the student singing or playing assigned pieces and send me the video in advance of your lesson time. I watch the video and email you feedback and new assignments during your regular lesson.

D. Video/Link Tutorial: I will record and email a short video with a tutorial or send links to information supporting a skill that is applicable to something we are currently working on during lessons.

E. On rare occasions I am able to give one student the cancelled lesson time of another student later in the week or early in the following week. 

  1. Flex Days/Holidays. 1 flex week has been added to the calendar for the school year. In the event that I need to cancel for illness, emergency, or snow days we will make up the missed lessons during the flex week. All holiday and vacation days have been omitted from the overall cost of tuition.
  2. Please be courteous about start and end times for lessons. Please do not arrive more than 2-3 minutes before your lesson time, come in right at your lesson time, and plan to pick your student up within 2-3 minutes of lesson time ending. This helps keep lessons running smoothly and allows me a break if I have one scheduled between lessons.   
  3. Payments are billed quarterly unless you request semester or monthly. Monthly payments must be set up on auto-pay through my invoicing system. Payments are non-refundable and based on an average over the school year September-May. Some months have more/less events. Over the course of the year it all averages out.
  4. Students with fevers and/or contagious illnesses should absolutely not come to lessons. Consider a skype or facetime lesson during your regularly scheduled time if the illness is mild.
  5. Snow Days: If school is cancelled we will most likely conduct video lessons via Skype, Facetime, or Zoom. Please check your email/text messages on Snow Days for information about how lessons will be handled.
  6. At some point in time you will decide to discontinue lessons. Please talk to me if you have concerns! Life changes unexpectedly sometimes, and I don’t take it personally when families decide they need to end their lessons. I really appreciate open, respectful communication. If you need to end lessons mid-term please give me 3 weeks notice when you make this decision so that I am able to conclude my time with students in a meaningful way, and balance my schedule accordingly. Remember that pre-paid tuition will not be refunded if lessons end mid-term/month.

8. Students are fully expected to practice on a regular basis. Quality practice is more important that the number of minutes. When students are prepared for lessons we are able to spend time making music and developing skills. More practice=more benefit.

2017/2018 Policy and Tuition Information

Tuition is based on an average of 34 lessons, groups, and performances during the course of the year. Studio holidays and vacations have been omitted from the overall cost of tuition. Flex days are also omitted from the overall cost of tuition.

Lesson Times: 30 minute 45 minute 60 minute
Annual $665 $864 $1206
Semester $332 $432 $603
Quarterly $166 $216 $302
Monthly $74 $96 $134

Tuition payments may be made on a Semester or Quarterly basis via check, cash, or online invoice. Monthly payments will be set up on auto-pay through an invoicing system. Quarterly payments will be assumed and invoiced unless you request monthly or semester payments in advance.  

Where does my tuition go?  Tuition covers more than time spent directly with students. Fees include consumable studio supplies (pencils, printing, sticky notes, assignment sheets, paper goods, cleaning supplies, etc.) use of supplemental lending library, group class supplies, recording equipment, binder supplies, student instruction, individual student planning time, recital and group lesson preparation, recital facility rental, continuing education and materials research, studio expenses/maintenance, professional organization fees, self employment taxes, and volunteer time to enable students to participate in festivals.

Additional Fees:

  • Festival participation for Fall and Spring requires a $17 fee for the first event and $15 for each additional event payable at the time of registration for festival. Registration takes place in January for Spring Festival. Festival is not required.
  • All students who study privately are required to purchase music as needed. Approximately $30-$50 should be budgeted for music each year. The cost is dependent upon how quickly each student learns and the diversity of their interests.
  • Voice students who wish to perform should plan to pay accompanist fees as necessary. Cost varies and will be negotiated at the time of each performance.